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Re: [council] Re: [wg-review] multi-lingual issues

on 18/01/01 16:03, Greg Burton at sidna@feedwriter.com wrote:

> At 06:29 AM 1/18/01, Digitel - Ken Stubbs wrote:
>> I would strongly encourage individual participation from all names council
>> members in the multi-lingual discussion which are currently underway.
> Ken,
> Thanks for this call, I hope NC members respond to it. We've certainly seen
> how deeply and strongly feelings run on this issue.
> I've asked Pilar Luque and volunteers to summarize the material that we've
> had presented so far, so that we can focus our discussions a bit better.
>> I strongly believe that this issue must be addressed and dealt with in a
>> positive and timely manner and sooner rather than later.
> Currently it's down the list a bit,  and I've seen some interest in moving
> it up the agenda. Unless there is strong objection, I'd feel comfortable
> with moving it up to be handled after the preliminary reports are approved.
> That would schedule focused discussion to begin Monday, and give any
> volunteers time to summarize what's already been said.
>> here is a short list of just some of the  problems I feel which need to be
>> addressed...
> All items that should be discussed, though perhaps we should discuss
> specific actions in terms of the specific issues they address.
>> ...we need to send a strong message to the community that we share a
>> "strong concern" for addressing these issues on a "timely basis"
> Definitely.
> Comments from all, please?
Agree with that.
The NCDNHC has started already to develop multilingual versions of its web.
We start having Spanish, German side to side with the original English one.
More to come with a French and a Korean version.
All based on voluntary contribution, but this is time consuming and require
human resources and coordination.

Agree to participate to discussion, if spare time for that


> Regards,
> Greg
> sidna@feedwriter.com

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