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[council] Re: [wg-review] multi-lingual issues

Dear Ken,

Thank you very much for your support.  We must talk at Melbourne.  See
you there.


 Digitel - Ken Stubbs wrote:
> speaking as an individual member of the council......
> I would strongly encourage individual participation from all names
> council members in the multi-lingual discussion which are currently
> underway.
> the names council composition is a classic example of a broad cultural
> and linguistic diversity which is currently not adequately being
> addressed from a "communications perspective" .
> I strongly believe that this issue must be addressed and dealt with in
> a positive and timely manner and sooner rather than later.
> here is a short list of just some of the  problems I feel which need
> to be addressed...
> 1. establishing communications priorities (I.e. verbal or written) ..
> my preference is written first then as resources become available we
> can migrate to simultaneous translations of ICANN meetings (I.e. GA,
> 2. determining language translation priorities (I.e. which languages
> ?)
> 3. determination of which items should be translated  (I.e.
> documentation priorities)
> as a bare minimum starter I believe the following documents
> s/b included: (not in order of priority here)
>  icann site (including all sections... especially announcements,
> by-laws, rules, etc)
>  DNSO Site
>  All other SO sites
>  icann board meeting minutes
>  names council minutes
>  All future w-g proposals & reports
> I recognize that this may entail a significant budget item, but it is
> essential that for effective future outreach that we acknowledge the
> "global perspective" of ICANN.
> I would hope that in the true spirit of co-operation we do run into
> "petty issues" as to what other languages are "important" but rather
> we develop some methodologies to independently identify in an unbiased
> manner which languages are most "requested".
> I believe we need to send a strong message to the community that we
> share a "strong concern" for addressing these issues on a "timely
> basis"
> ken stubbs

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