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Re: [council] 2001. 1. 15 Report , Part I

At 09:37 PM 1/17/01, YJ Park wrote:
>Hello Greg and all,
> > Based on the February 20th date established by YJ, I have proposed a
> > schedule of 4 day sections for deeper  and more concentrated consideration
> > of issues. Each period will conclude with motion formation and a vote,
> > overlapping the discussion period on the next topic:
>Regarding the date, Feb 20, was not established by myself at all.
>I personally go for March 4 however, it was not even counted below
>since I am a coordinator who is supposed to neutral.

Hi, YJ

I stand corrected, and have no idea why I remembered the February 20th date 
, rather than the actually voted date of March 4. The errors here are 
clearly mine, and the group's target date is March 4. It shouldn't be a 
problem, though, to try for a faster pace. As the multilingual issues 
demonstrated today, there are great depths of feeling tied into issues that 
deserve to be seriously addressed, and we cannot always predict what will 
come up. Allowing some space for this could increase the quality of our work.



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