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Re: [council] Proxies

hello all

i communicated with louis just before he left for japanb and here is his

"For the reasons that the NC previously rejected such attempts, I do
not feel it is appropriate for proxies to be granted to non-members
of the NC.  As Ken has noted, it is the constituencies, through their
processes, that elect members to the NC (for fixed terms), and there
is nothing permitting the member herself or himself to elect someone
else.  In addition, the NC is intended to be a collaborative group,
which is promoted by having a relatively stable membership."

on that basis i must assume that proxies can only be given to other members
of the names council and
no member can appoint a non names-council member to "take their place on the
council "  or "cast their vote"

see you in yokohama

ken stubbs

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> My personal feeling is that we should look to our other NC members before
> taking proxies outside the NC (with the obvious exception of the gtld
> constituency that only has one NC rep).  However, I do not feel strongly
> one way or the other, so I defer to the rest of the group.  To the extent
> that we take non-nc proxies, I would simply ask that the absent nc member
> take the time to get that person up top speed on the issues (as it appears
> Kathy has done).

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