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Re: [council] Proxies

I would feel better about going back to my Constituency with some formal 
citation to a bylaw or rule preventing formal proxies to well-informed peers. 
 I don't see any citation in Louis' note.  Ken:  do you know of any?

Isn't it more appropriate for the constituencies themselves to decide on 
their representation in the NC meeting?  And isn't it important to have the 
full Constituency voice in the NC meeting? '

 "For the reasons that the NC previously rejected such attempts, I do
 not feel it is appropriate for proxies to be granted to non-members
 of the NC.  As Ken has noted, it is the constituencies, through their
 processes, that elect members to the NC (for fixed terms), and there
 is nothing permitting the member herself or himself to elect someone
 else.  In addition, the NC is intended to be a collaborative group,
 which is promoted by having a relatively stable membership."
 on that basis i must assume that proxies can only be given to other members
 of the names council and
 no member can appoint a non names-council member to "take their place on the
 council "  or "cast their vote"

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