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[council] FW: Invitation to Fujitsu Reception


Please find below the invitation to Fujitsu's reception on July 19th.



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From: vinton g. cerf [mailto:Vinton.G.Cerf@wcom.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2000 3:01 AM
To: icann-board@icann.org; theresa.swinehart@wcom.com
Subject: Fwd: Invitation to Fujitsu Reception

ICANN Board Members: Michio Naruta is Vice chairman of Fujitsu
and a member of the Global Internet Project.

Theresa, could you pass along this invitation to the Names

Unfortunately, it appears I have a conflict with the ISTF "bof" so
I am not likely to be able to join the Fujitsu festivities.


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>Subject: Invitation to Fujitsu Reception
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>Dear Vint,
>I am pleased if you could join us.
>Michio Naruto
>Fujitsu is pleased to welcome the many participants who will be in 
>Yokohama for the ICANN meetings and the INET 2000 conference.  
>On this occasion, we thought it would be appropriate for Fujitsu to 
>host a reception in Yokohama on July 19 for those national and 
>international guests who will be attending these Internet-related 
>While we will be inviting guests to this reception, I would like to 
>make sure that you, your staff, and members of the ICANN Board and  
>Names Council are aware of this invitation.  We would very much 
>like to welcome you.   If appropriate, I would ask that you make 
>this invitation available to them.
>Through this reception, we hope to show Fujitsu's support for all 
>those involved in promoting the global Internet.
>Michio Naruto
>Special Representative
>Fujitsu Limited   

Michio Naruto Invite.doc


I moved to a new MCI WorldCom facility on Nov 11, 1999

MCI WorldCom
22001 Loudoun County Parkway
Building F2, Room 4115, ATTN: Vint Cerf
Ashburn, VA 20147
Telephone (703) 886-1690
FAX (703) 886-0047

See you at INET2000, Yokohama, Japan July 18-21, 2000

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