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[council] Proxies

To All:
I am unfortunately unable to attend the Yokahama meeting.  I regret missing 
this important meeting.

I would like to appoint Dori Kornfeld to take my place at the Names Council 
meeting.  Dori is a staff member of my organization, the Association for 
Computing Machinery, and has worked beside me on my Noncommercial 
Constituency activities for some time.  The NCC Administrative Committee has 
no opposition to her taking my place.

I know that the issue of proxies in different persons has been a matter of 
some disagreement.   Let me explain why I think that it is extremely 
important:  I believe that each of our voices in the NC is unique.  We each 
bring the perspective of our constituency and our region.  To maintain the 
diversity and the robustness of our discussions at the Names Council -- 
particularly in the public meetings where the public more closely follows our 
discussions -- we need each of our voices represented.  

I would, of course, support other constituencies sending in proxies for those 
who cannot be present at the meeting.  Have a good meeting and a safe trip!

Kathryn Kleiman 

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