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Re: [council] Post-election steps

This is a very good question and one which needs to be addressed now.

> 2.  Elisabeth brought up the issue of whether we should release the
> voting for the ballots that were never completed, or were voided by

I certainly have an opinion here. There are two options.

1.	Secret ballot. No results at all of who voted for whom

2.	Open ballot. The entire workings of the election are
open and transparent to all to see. This would includes the rounds
which was voided due to the miscount.

We have decided already that 1. was not to be used. [1 is my
personal preference.] 

Therefore we must take option 2. 

I don't like it. It makes us look silly. 

But it is the only way.

On past form if we try to keep it secret someone will leak it


> 3.  How does the delay in results affect your timeline below?
> Are we now the "non provisional Names Council?"  Obviously we
> want to do step 2 and 3 on the next teleconference, but we don't have
> enough time to announce one for this week I fear.  We discussed
> next week, around the 27th, would this be too late?
> Fellow Names Council members, I don't mean to be presumptive,
> but think we definitely need to address these issues as soon as
> possible.
> Best regards (and goodnight...)
> Richard
> Andrew McLaughlin wrote:
> > To the Names Council:
> >
> > In anticipation of the conclusion of the voting process for ICANN Director
> > seats, I want to outline the next set of steps that will be necessary to
> > formalize and finalize the results, and to make permanent the status of the
> > (still) provisional Names Council.
> >
> > STEP 1:  Final recognition of Names Council and DNSO constituency groups by
> > ICANN Board
> > DATE:  Monday, 18 October
> > EXPLANATION:  The Board granted provisional recognition to the Names Council
> > and DNSO constituency groups in Berlin.  As the Board's Berlin resolution
> > stated, the provisional Names Council will perform all of the functions of
> > the permanent Names Council, except for the election of ICANN Directors.
> > The Board expects to formally act on all pending constituency group
> > applications and on the final recognition of the Names Council on Monday, 18
> > October.
> >
> > STEP 2:  Ratification of the NC election results by permanent NC
> > DATE:  Week of 18 October
> > EXPLANATION:  Following the Board's vote to grant final recognition to the
> > Names Council, the (non-provisional) Names Council must then take the formal
> > step of ratifying the results of this week's election process.  This is
> > essentially a formality, necessitated by the sequence of (i) election
> > process, followed by (ii) final recognition.
> >
> > STEP 3:  Formal notification to ICANN
> > DATE:  22 October
> > EXPLANATION:  The act of notification triggers the 7-day period after which
> > the DNSO's choices will formally join the ICANN Board.  In order to ensure
> > that all three Supporting Organization directors are seated on the same
> > date -- in other words, to ensure that the three Supporting Organizations
> > are treated identically, despite their differing election processes and
> > schedules -- ICANN requests that all three SOs transmit their formal
> > notifications to ICANN on 22 October.  A common notification date will allow
> > for a smooth and uniform transition to the new ICANN Board.
> >
> > Let me know if you have any questions.