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[council] FW: Miscounted vote in Ballot 8

Dear Colleagues,

Here for your information is the e-mail advice I received from Andrew McLaughlin.


-----Original Message-----
From:	Andrew McLaughlin [SMTP:mclaughlin@pobox.com]
Sent:	Friday, October 15, 1999 10:32 PM
To:	Dennis Jennings
Cc:	Elisabeth Porteneuve
Subject:	Miscounted vote in Ballot 8


On behalf of the Names Council, you have asked the ICANN staff to
investigate the circumstances under which a Ballot 8 vote was miscounted, to
verify that the error was inadvertent, and to offer advice as to how the
Names Council should proceed.

Where (i) a voter's intended vote is miscounted, (ii) the error that caused
the miscount was not entirely the fault of the voter, (iii) the miscounted
vote would have materially altered the outcome of the ballot, had it been
properly counted, and (iv) the error is promptly detected and reported, the
proper course of action is to repeat the voting round in which the error

After investigation, I am satisfied that the above four circumstances
occurred with respect to Ballot 8.  Accordingly, my advice to the Names
Council is that its voting process for the 1-year ICANN Board seat should be
restarted beginning with Ballot 8.

Of course, my recommendation is advisory, and it's up to the Names Council
to decide how to proceed.

Best regards,


andrew mclaughlin            |                 senior adviser
internet corporation for assigned names and numbers
mclaughlin@icann.org       |       http://www.icann.org