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[council] RE: ICANN Election 3

As many of you know, I could not be on the conference call part of last Friday's voting. Notes sent  to the Council list during and subsequent to the technical issue of the Election 3 voting events were clear that there was serious discussion on how to move forward and address the problems that arose in the earlier rounds for Election 3. Travelling during the time after Friday's events prevented me from being on mail regularly -- but at this point it was already clear that we'd resume Monday and await a note on how to proceed.
So, I have to admit I was somewhat surprised to see the forwarded note below, and gather this was something NC members agreed to during some of the discussions on Friday's call.
I just want to say that I find forwarding this kind of information during an election to a large constituency list unacceptable -- we all know that distributing to any large lists has the objective to reach a large group of members -- the assumption is usually that the information on the lists is not limited to the list unless specified -- remember we're trying to encourage participation, outreach, and joining in the process with the member lists.  Discussing with other NC representatives, or outreach for guidance, is not the same as just sending out information -- if there is sensitive information that needs to be provided, and it was agreed that it needs to be provided, then it should include a clear statement that it is not to be circulated further outside of the constituency.
This is not an issue of controlling information, or not wanting to share information -- it is an issue of being careful how sensitive information is handled and upholding our responsibilities -- in this particular case the issue is addressing and resolving the problem correctly in order to proceed with fair elections. I would just ask that as the NC we remember our duty of care in our work and responsibilities.
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Election 3 Round 1 was
Peter 5
Jonathan 4
Rick 3
Nii 3
Don 3
Karl 1 - eliminated
Round 2
Jonathan 6
Peter 5
Rick 3
Don 3
Nii 2 - eliminated.
I was told on the NC teleconference that Nii's votes in Round 1 were wrong but know no detail.
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