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Re: [council] FW: Miscounted vote in Ballot 8

> On behalf of the Names Council, you have asked the ICANN staff to
> investigate the circumstances under which a Ballot 8 vote was miscounted, to
> verify that the error was inadvertent, and to offer advice as to how the
> Names Council should proceed.

It is helpful to have the view of the ICANN staff.

I would, however, add that irregularities in the election of Board Members is a
serious matter. We should additional;y  require enquiry by an independent party
totally unconnected to ICANN and I so propose.

> Where (i) a voter's intended vote is miscounted, (ii) the error that caused
> the miscount was not entirely the fault of the voter, (iii) the miscounted
> vote would have materially altered the outcome of the ballot, had it been
> properly counted, and (iv) the error is promptly detected and reported, the
> proper course of action is to repeat the voting round in which the error
> occured.

In which section of the ICANN By-laws or  election rules is this provision contained?
It sounds like you are quoting from particular paragraphs

Please supply a reference to these provisions so that we can determine how they apply
to the current circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Thanks for your help.
Kind regards