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Re: [council] How to resume (was: Ballot b10)

At 09:54 PM 15/10/1999 +0200, Elisabeth Porteneuve wrote:
>I am at home now, but I believe that I cannot let you without any
>Please accept my sincere appology.

Don't worry. You are doing all that you can do. 
Thanks once again. 

> There will be not Saturday
>NC telecon, the next one is planned on Monday, October 18th,
>usual hour.  During this Monday NC telecon we will end the vote
>for the third ICANN Board Director.

>The options are: shall we resume with b09 or b08 (b10 was not
>ended, not all answers arrived, neither calculated).

Who will decide between these 2 options ?
I didn't understand this important point.

Best Regards, 

Raul Echeberria