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Re: [council] How to resume (was: Ballot b10)


1. Ballot b08, first concerning the election for 1 year term
   at ICANN Board, with full list of candidates (9)
   was sent October 13th, after the NCtelecon,
   and all answers were expected today Oct 15th, 14:00 CET.

   The results of Ballot b08 were given at 14:10 approx.

2. Immediately after results of Ballot b08 I sent Ballot 
   b09 (14:17 CET), with reduced list of candidates (5)

   The results of Ballot b09 were given at 15:48 CET.

3. Immediately after results of Ballot b09 I sent Ballot
   b10 (15:52 CET), with more reduced list of candidates (4)

    The Ballot b10 did not receive all answers, and the result
    was not calculated, because in the meantime a problem
    was discovered.

I presume that NC voting members needed some time to understand
that something wrong happened in Ballot b08.

I reminded connected to the NCtelecon, and we were only two or
three keeping line, when I received a phone call on my second line,
requesting verification for Ballot b08.
We did it, and it became obvious that clarification was needed,
and lawyer help what to do. Technical and administrative problem.

Andrew McLaughin was requested by email to join the NC call.
Then Dennis Jennings, Andrew, myself and the NC member, we set up
an immediate other NCtelecon, on my French permanent bridge number.

It was concluded that I send the full record of 4 emails to
all four persons present on the second NCtelecon, then Andrew
will write a text, and Dennis sent it to you.

I do not have any news from Andrew. I got the same Dennis message
like anybody of you, he had a meeting dinner.
Personnaly I am stronlgly in favour of prompt explanation, 
it is necessary to share with you what happen.

I am at home now, but I believe that I cannot let you without any

Please accept my sincere appology. There will be not Saturday
NC telecon, the next one is planned on Monday, October 18th,
usual hour.  During this Monday NC telecon we will end the vote
for the third ICANN Board Director.
The options are: shall we resume with b09 or b08 (b10 was not
ended, not all answers arrived, neither calculated).