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RE: [council] How to resume (was: Ballot b10)

Will the same teleconference number and password work for Monday?


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Elisabeth Porteneuve [SMTP:Elisabeth.Porteneuve@cetp.ipsl.fr]
> Sent:	Friday, October 15, 1999 4:54 PM
> To:	council@dnso.org; sastre@anwalt.de
> Subject:	Re: [council] How to resume (was: Ballot b10)
> Michael,
> Council,
> 1. Ballot b08, first concerning the election for 1 year term
>    at ICANN Board, with full list of candidates (9)
>    was sent October 13th, after the NCtelecon,
>    and all answers were expected today Oct 15th, 14:00 CET.
>    The results of Ballot b08 were given at 14:10 approx.
> 2. Immediately after results of Ballot b08 I sent Ballot 
>    b09 (14:17 CET), with reduced list of candidates (5)
>    The results of Ballot b09 were given at 15:48 CET.
> 3. Immediately after results of Ballot b09 I sent Ballot
>    b10 (15:52 CET), with more reduced list of candidates (4)
>     The Ballot b10 did not receive all answers, and the result
>     was not calculated, because in the meantime a problem
>     was discovered.
> I presume that NC voting members needed some time to understand
> that something wrong happened in Ballot b08.
> I reminded connected to the NCtelecon, and we were only two or
> three keeping line, when I received a phone call on my second line,
> requesting verification for Ballot b08.
> We did it, and it became obvious that clarification was needed,
> and lawyer help what to do. Technical and administrative problem.
> Andrew McLaughin was requested by email to join the NC call.
> Then Dennis Jennings, Andrew, myself and the NC member, we set up
> an immediate other NCtelecon, on my French permanent bridge number.
> It was concluded that I send the full record of 4 emails to
> all four persons present on the second NCtelecon, then Andrew
> will write a text, and Dennis sent it to you.
> I do not have any news from Andrew. I got the same Dennis message
> like anybody of you, he had a meeting dinner.
> Personnaly I am stronlgly in favour of prompt explanation, 
> it is necessary to share with you what happen.
> I am at home now, but I believe that I cannot let you without any
> information.
> Please accept my sincere appology. There will be not Saturday
> NC telecon, the next one is planned on Monday, October 18th,
> usual hour.  During this Monday NC telecon we will end the vote
> for the third ICANN Board Director.
> The options are: shall we resume with b09 or b08 (b10 was not
> ended, not all answers arrived, neither calculated).
> Elisabeth