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[council] Board Candidate Support

Dear NC colleagues,

I realise that the voting procedures are somewhat complex and will take up 
a lot of our attention over the next couple of days. I should like to 
express my respect for Elisabeth, who has to deal with it (thank you again 
for the tremendous job you're doing!).

Nevertheless, we need to look over the list of candidates again and see who 
already has adequate support in the General Assembly. I propose the 
following approach:

1. To avoid any errors of form, we should start comparing the lists of 
supporters with the GA and constituency mailing lists.

2. I also recommend that we keep open the window for declaring support 
until shortly before the opening of elections on Monday. If I understand 
aright, the "icann nominations" list was closed Friday, with the result 
that no further statements of support can be sent to us. We should consider 
whether to change this.

3. Next, the results of the first round of elections should also be treated 
as "statements of support". You will, for example, see that I've so far 
avoided any statements of support because I believe that as an NC member I 
should stay as neutral as possible right to the end. Meanwhile, however, 
the candidates that I've just voted for naturally have my support.

Best regards,

  | Michael Schneider      CEO, AboveNet Deutschland GmbH            |
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  |                    Founder, Schneider & Schollmeyer Law Firm     |
  |                   Chairman, eco - Electronic Commerce Forum e.V. |
  |                   Director, European ISP Association (EuroISPA)  |
  |                     Member, Names Council of ICANN               |
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  | Phone: +49 2242 927027      Michael.Schneider@abovenet.de        |