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[council] Registrars NC reps for the vote- final set

Hi all,

The registrars consituency, after electing our permanent
representatives to the NC, has finally appointed a temporary
replacemnt for my seat.

This will be Dr. Erica Roberts, form MelbourneIT. Many of you might
know her form previous ICANN or IFWP meetings.

We finally managd to get in contact, even if that was very difficult,
as she is moving this weekend form Camberra to Melbourne. But we
preferred to wait until the last minute, as the alternative solution,
appointing somebody else form Nminalia, made us, and particularly
myself, pretty unconfortable.

I ask Eisabeth to add Erica's e.mail addres in all subsequent mails.
Be aware tw, that whe will be unalbe to read and write e-mail untl
tomorrow mrning, Melbourne time, as her new home stil dos not have the
proper connecitivty in full operation.

This is also why she has asked Richard Lindsay to hold her proxy fo
the preliminary round, She will particpate in tomorrow's telconf.

As I have already wirtten, the registrars consituencies will use the
NC reps as proxy holders for temporary needs, in order to facilitate
everybody's work.

Thanks, and good work.