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[council] Registrars Constituency PROXIES


I recorded that Erica Roberts from Melbourne IT replaces
Amadeu Abril i Abril running for ICANN BoD position, and is voting
in place of:
         * Europe (.es) - Amadeu Abril i Abril amadeu@nominalia.com

I happen to have Erica's business card she gave me in Santiago:

     ERO name: Erica Roberts
     ERO email: erica.roberts@melbourneit.com.au
     ERO Tel: XXXXXXXXXX censored
     ERO Fax:  XXXXXXXXXX censored
     ERO Mobile: XXXXXXXXXX censored

The local time in Melbourne is UTC+10+0DST (one hour later than Japan/Korea).

I will send in a separate email to Erica all information concerning
voting mechanism.

The Registrars Constituency resolved that the Registrars NC members
may provide proxies for themselves.

In the preliminary round (ending today in less than 5 hours),
Erica Roberts has given her proxy to Richard Lindsay.

Within minutes I will:
   - send to Richard the corresponding ballot
   - add Erica to council list and to vote02 autorised members
   - provide you a summary of proxies with last minutes added phones
   - add Melbourne local time to our usual memo (and include there
     Santiago modification - Santiago is +1DST since Oct 4th).