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Re: Legal Question - Re: [wg-review] Concerns

Can you then please explain or outline for me the progress you have seen through
the work groups and where the work groups actually influenced ICANN to modify its
policy and process for the good of the DNS?

Derek Conant

Greg Burton wrote:

> At 12:50 PM 1/25/01, Derek Conant wrote:
> >In a previous email you indicated that one of your frustrations is creating a
> >work plan, posting it for comment and having it ignored by the work group and
> >ICANN.  This is the very same point I have been raising!  This is obviously
> >the only way  ICANN operates.
> Um, no, it isn't. I was referring to participants ignoring it, not ICANN.
> The NC hasn't ignored it at all.
> >Without any real support or work group representation, it appeared to me that
> >only agendas submitted by ICANN representatives themselves were pushed
> >forward.  No other ideas or comments were acknowledged by the ICANN
> >representatives.
> That's not my impression at all, but I would urge people to listen to the
> mp3 files of the teleconference that Bret Fausett has kindly and generously
> provided at   http://www.lextext.com/nc0124.html and make that decision for
> themselves.
> Regards,
> Greg
> sidna@feedwriter.com

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