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Re: Legal Question - Re: [wg-review] Concerns

At 07:41 AM 1/25/01, Derek Conant wrote:
>For lawyers and legal experts out there:


First, I would reiterate the request that material from this WG not be 
cross-posted to the ccTLD list. It's rather rude to continue doing so when 
they have requested that we don't.

  I'm going to step out of "chair" mode for a moment, and make a personal 

I hope you will take this in the constructive manner in which I intend it.

Your question is both utterly out of place here and seems to indicate a 
lack of understanding of the role of an appeals court. Despite your 
comments otherwise, your continuing reiteration of claims about ICANN's 
non-responsiveness lack specifics and lack definition.

Anyone who has followed this group or belongs to various other lists is 
aware that I very frequently disagree with Kent Crispin, and that our 
exchanges are not always "nice". I bring this up so that you won't think 
I'm promoting the work of some ally or buddy. I'm using him as an example 
specifically because we aren't. Kent's work - and it IS work, not just 
generalities or rote recital - lays out his beliefs and positions clearly 
and openly. He addresses specific points specifically. He cites background 
documents and history. He makes concrete suggestions. He organizes his 

If you want people's attention, I'd (gently, I hope) suggest that you read 
what he produces carefully, and strive to achieve the same qualities in 
your own contributions. You might start by addressing the questions you've 
been asked by members of this group with specific answers, rather than by 
making claims that "the wg doesn't want input from people who disagree". 
Rhetoric can be useful in it's place, but unless it's supported by 
specifics it REDUCES your credibility, rather than increasing it. It's my 
personal impression that your posts have been hurting your cause, rather 
than helping it.



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