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Re: Legal Question - Re: [wg-review] Concerns

At 12:50 PM 1/25/01, Derek Conant wrote:
>In a previous email you indicated that one of your frustrations is creating a
>work plan, posting it for comment and having it ignored by the work group and
>ICANN.  This is the very same point I have been raising!  This is obviously
>the only way  ICANN operates.

Um, no, it isn't. I was referring to participants ignoring it, not ICANN. 
The NC hasn't ignored it at all.

>Without any real support or work group representation, it appeared to me that
>only agendas submitted by ICANN representatives themselves were pushed
>forward.  No other ideas or comments were acknowledged by the ICANN

That's not my impression at all, but I would urge people to listen to the 
mp3 files of the teleconference that Bret Fausett has kindly and generously 
provided at   http://www.lextext.com/nc0124.html and make that decision for 



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