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[wg-review] Third Concern on DNSO Review Report version 1.0

Here is my 3rd concern regarding "WG-Review"'s decision.

I have a strong objection to how you describe this working group.

I am repeating once again the working days for this working group.

13 substantial working days for discussion and reach a consensus is

24 working days including public holidays and Saturdays and Sundays
it's still i.m.p.o.s.s.i.b.l.e.......

Out of Theresa's report
note 27 
Despite extensive debate, the Working Group could not could not reach 
any decisions on the issue of constituencies and the DNSO.

Let me put this more correctly.

Through extensive debate for 20 days or so, the Working Group 
could sorted out their own priorities and issues with a bigger picture
and its own roadmap which are expected to be presented to the NC 
with more clarity later.

                                           [Part III]

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