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[wg-review] Fifth Concern on DNSO Review Report version 1.0

This is my 5th concern which I finally concur with you.

Out of Theresa's report
In order to ensure adequate participation, the forums must provide incentive
to participate and not overburden the participants.  Additionally,
must be able to review materials, have access to translations where
and have access to the medium to communicate. In this context, a thorough
review of the DNSO procedures, enhancing Working Group functionality and
thereby participation, communication among constituencies, within
and amongst stakeholders, to ensure that representation is representation.

To do that end, DNSO procedures including WG procedure should not
impose any preposterous burden to its participants such as to allow only
20 days or so working days has turned out "Overburden" itself.

Therefore, to accomplish your above well-written recommendation in the
DNSO procedure, first thing we all have to consider is to let WG-Review
have enough timeframe which they can work.

                                        [Part V]

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