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Re: [wg-review] Re: [cctld-discuss] Comments on review of DNSOby Mr Park

On 22 Jan 01, at 9:50, Pilar Luque wrote:

> Dear Budi,
> You seem to be the only English non-speaker in the ICANN process who
> wants to carry on with this unfair system of documents and dicussions
> just being conducted in one Language.  Good luck!!  It is sad to see
> that some people will not support the cause of multilingualism.

Dear Pilar,
I am not against multilingualism. (I even support multilingual DNS.)
The mechanism is what I don't like.
What I am trying to point out is that it seems we are trying
to stray away from the main issues.

After translating documents in various languanges, what next?
Well, then we may want to carry the discussion in other languanges!
It's inefficient. It looks like we are trying to burden ICANN
and find ways to corner them.

The other thing is that it costs a lot to translate those
documents into various languanges. How many ccTLDs have
contributed to the funding? Who is going to cover the cost?
Why can't this translation be done by volunteers?

Indonesia has more than 200 millions people. I could claim that
they are potential Internet users, thus documents must be
translated in Bahasa Indonesia (which Malaysians can also read).
But, why should others be burdened by this?
I don't think that's fair. If we (Indonesians) want to do the
translation then we'll have to find ways to do it (via volunteers
or pay our own translators). Wouldn't this logical?

-- budi
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