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Re: [wg-review] Re: [cctld-discuss] Comments on review of DNSOby Mr Park


In message <3A6C0266.9E619E70@nic.es>, Pilar Luque writes:

> You seem to be the only English non-speaker in the ICANN process who
> wants to carry on with this unfair system of documents and
> dicussions just being conducted in one Language.  Good luck!!

You will just have to face the fact, that English is the lingua
franca. Not French. Not Spanish, Not German.

> It is sad to see that some people will not support the cause of
> multilingualism.

This is the Internet! It has been established, and brought up to the
current level, with English as the lingua franca.  It ain't broke, so
don't fix it.

We don't need ICANN either. But I reckon the Multinationals and the US
gov't won't relinquish control, so we just have to make do.

And, by the way, if you want multilingualism, please go and play with
UNESCO, but stop bothering grownups at work.

To imagine, that ANYTHING would change because we could submit
documents in German or Spanish, defies comprehension. They don't
listen to English. They don't even abide by their own rules.

We need to change WHAT they do, not HOW they sell it.


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