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Re: [wg-review] Re: [cctld-discuss] Comments on review of DNSO by Mr Park

Dear Oscar,
the wg-review motion/voting system has poorly worked in spite of the 
efforts of Joop Teemstra, so none of my seconded and accepted motions has 
been voted upon.

I had motioned as one cause of the DNSO consensus problems the language 
issue and proposed that no one could participate to an ICANN ML if he had 
not at least two languages. The point was not so much about English as I 
explained, but because it would help the people to hear, listen and may be 
understand better each others.

Jefsey Morfin
Chair, france@large

At 17:12 16/01/01, Oscar A. Robles Garay wrote:
>I strongly support Pilar's comments, as long as we publish documents just 
>in english we are contributing on the ICANN "language divide" which, of 
>course, translates into poor representativeness...
>Oscar Robles

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