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[wg-review] Comments on review of DNSO by Mr Park

Dear all,

After reading this lengthy and interesting report I would like to
comment the following points.  I will carry on stressing the same point
of view by e-mail and physically at the ICANN meetings till my voice is
heard and something will be done about it.
- Does the existing structure work to generate consensus recommendations
domain name matters?

    Not very well. However, the sample is small.

That is my point.  The sample will carry on being  small if every single
document is just published in English and never translated at least into
Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, German and French.


Different voices in the ICANN orbit sometimes argue that there are
    vast unrepresented blocks of Internet users whose rights are being
    abused, but there is no actual evidence that this is the case, and
    lots of evidence to the contrary

I could not disagree more.  The evidence is that participation is very
low if we take into account the vast majority of Internet stakeholders
in the world.  In the ccTLD Constituency, to cite the example I know
best, only 40 ccTLD assist to such meetings out of 240 ccTLD worldwide.

- How can the level of participation by GA members in the GA be
 I insist that translating basic documents is very importnat in order to
improve such participation.

2. Communicate to the NC the terrible imbalance built in to the
structure, with business lobbying groups given 4 of the 7
non-commercial, educational, civil rights and other interests stuffed
into a single constituency.

I could not agree more.  Thst is the reason why the ccTLD constituency
is so porly represented in the ICANN Board.  We should step out of the

Review WG is composed of people from many from North America, Europe and
few from Asia, Latin America and Africa. As we experineced in previous
B, C discussion, most active participants are from US, Europe, New
and Australia who have no problems with reading 57 "English" email
day and possibly respond to some of them in "English".

Believe me it is not that easy to read, understand and answer messages
not written in your mother tongue.  Who assured you, we non-English
mother tongue speakers do not have problems to read and "possibly" (well
observed) respond to "some" (well observed) in "English" (somehow
patronising if in brackets)

I would encourage more members of the ccTLD Constituency to support the
claim of translating documents so that the DNSO and the ICANN process is
more fair to all the Internet stakeholders. 

Excuse my poor English!

Pilar LUQUE (Es-NIC)
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