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RE: [wg-c] Initial Numbers

At 06:09 PM 12/15/1999 , Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
>Please see the thread, I am not talking about arbitrarily large numbers of
>TLDs. I expect under 10,000, by the best, most optimistic, market analysis I
>can find (which is admittedly not all that good).

indeed.  projections for resource usage tend to underestimate 
things.  usually rather badly.  start with IBM's projection for the total 
number of computers that would be needed in the world, and work from there.

the problem with permitting a free-for-all, with no constraints, is that 
that is what you usually get.

>You are both also ignoring the fact that a separate root-service.net system
>can be set up to resolve into this expanded root zone (see my paper, this is

and i'm also ignoring the possibility of world peace.

don't design systems with dependence on inter-locking fantasies.


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