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RE: [wg-c] Initial Numbers

On 16-Dec-1999 Dave Crocker wrote:
> At 06:09 PM 12/15/1999 , Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
>>Please see the thread, I am not talking about arbitrarily large numbers of
>>TLDs. I expect under 10,000, by the best, most optimistic, market analysis I
>>can find (which is admittedly not all that good).
> indeed.  projections for resource usage tend to underestimate 
> things.  usually rather badly.  start with IBM's projection for the total 
> number of computers that would be needed in the world, and work from there.
> the problem with permitting a free-for-all, with no constraints, is that 
> that is what you usually get.

And what is funny, is that no one is supporting a total free-for-all with no constraints,
but your arguments in opposition to them is always from the premise that they are.

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