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Re: [wg-b] WG-B Report

WG Report
I do think there is a little over reaction to the inclusion of the latest version of the Sunrise proposal in the WG B report. The report includes it and says:
"Unfortunately due to the time in which this report was submitted to me and the rest of the Working Group, there was not adequate time for proper discussion among the Working Group B participants."
This is rather clear.
To officially keep the NC in the dark about a revised option such as this would be odd given that its existence is well known.
We also need to be clear about the implications of a consensus vote on a WG. A vote is indicative of the balance of opinion in a WG. It is not an indicator of support outside the WG. WG membership is self appointed and partial. I do not see that as a problem so long as it is understood. A WG report presents options and says certain options were favoured by the WG, certain options were not and, in this case, certain options have not yet been discussed.
Next comes public consultation. This is the important one.
Philip Sheppard
WG B Co-NC Liaison