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Re: [wg-b] WG-B Report Part I


The appropriate format for a text attachment would be RTF, which is not
platform specific.   Honestly, attorneys are so PC-centric.

Also, it would be appropriate to list your appendices in the order
received.  Why is the one which arrived on deadline listed first merely
because you favor it?  If you began this task with objectivity, I fear you
have lost it.

>Attached please find the Working Group B Interim Report (Part I) in
>Microsoft Word 97 format. I will attempt to put this in an HTML format for
>the DNSO to post for public comment. I have broken the file into two parts:
>the report and the Appendix. If anyone requests a different format please
>notify me and I will try to assist.
>Sorry for the delay.
>Best regards,
>Michael D. Palage

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