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Re: [wg-b] RESPONSE to submission from noncommercial community

I was surprised to see the absence of the word 'consumer' or ordinary net
'user' in the submission of the non-commercial constituency. The reason for
special consideration for famous names is that it is these names that are
ripped off and pirated. The real loser is the consumer who wants to buy
goods or services via e-commerce.

The objective behind WG B is consumer protection. Protecting intellectual
property is a strategy to complete that objective. For example, when a net
consumer sends credit card details to Disney, that consumer expects it
really is Disney who owns the web site, that it is Disney who will send the
goods, and that Disney will be there to seek redress when nothing arrives.

By contributing to DNSO discussion we all have a duty to avoid creating the
world's greatest opportunity for thieves, pirates and fraudsters. This is
why WG B is important.

Philip Sheppard
AIM - European Brands Association
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