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Re: [wg-b] RESPONSE to submission from noncommercial community

Philip Sheppard wrote:

> The objective behind WG B is consumer protection. Protecting intellectual
> property is a strategy to complete that objective.

Philip, with all due respect, that is one of the most disingenuous statements
I've ever read. How about protecting the consumers who own Virtual Works from
Volkswagen, which persists in attempting to 'legally' steal vw.net?

Or the two consumers who own small business Clue Computing and clue.com?  Do
they merit our protection from wannabe domain name hijacker Hasbro?

> For example, when a net
> consumer sends credit card details to Disney, that consumer expects it
> really is Disney who owns the web site, that it is Disney who will send the
> goods, and that Disney will be there to seek redress when nothing arrives.

Surely you're not suggesting that consumers who pay Virtual Works, actually
think they're buying a car?

Or that Clue Computing clients, buying UNIX System Administration, Network
Design and Implementation, Computer and Network Security and Software Testing,
really think they're paying for a board game?

> By contributing to DNSO discussion we all have a duty to avoid creating the
> world's greatest opportunity for thieves, pirates and fraudsters.

Here we agree.  The question is, who are the real thieves, pirates and
fraudsters?  Or better yet, are you willing to add corporate domain name
hijackers to your list of pejoratives?


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