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[wg-b] Point of Clarification

Just so that there is no confusion. The position paper that I posted was my
PERSONAL viewpoints and they DO NOT represent the official viewpoint of the
group. That being said, I have spend approximately 20 hours on the phone
speaking to various factions of the Working Group B community over the last
couple of weeks, and I believe this paper can be a STARTING point on the
final road to consensus.

Up until now as de facto sole chair of the Working Group I have attempted to
take a neutral standpoint, but as Harald stated to the list earlier this
week, there was really no movement from either side toward a central ground.
As Co-Chair I thought it my responsibility to attempt such a peace offering.

I contemplate an approximately three to four week group comment period on
these proposals before moving forward with the drafting of any type of
"OFFICAL" Working Group B Statement. Sorry for any confusion, but I had
already exceeded the 24 hour mark without sleep at the time of
completion/posting. :)

Thanks again for everyone's feedback.