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Re: [wg-b] www.bye-bye-aol.com

Not nice, but probably First Amendment protected.

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Subject: [wg-b] www.bye-bye-aol.com
Author:  joppenheimer@icbtollfree.com at INTERNET
Date:    11/29/99 12:01 PM

Below is an August '98 Businesswire release put out by US Xchange for its www.bye-bye-aol.com site and service.  I'm curious how the group feels about this use of the AOL name in the domain name of an AOL competitor etc. ...



Billboard Headline Leads to Interactive Payoff for Telecommunications Company

Xchange is utilizing a unique multimedia campaign to advertise its
new Internet services. The headline of US Xchange's new billboard,
"www.bye-bye-aol.com" is also a registered Internet address for the
company. Meyer & Wallis, creator of the campaign, is unaware of
any other instance where a campaign's marketing message has been
used as an Internet domain name.

"The headline in this campaign could stand alone," said Tom Dixon creative director at Meyer & Wallis. "The fact that there is a
registered interactive payoff when consumers type in www.bye-bye-aol.com on their web browser is unique."

"We suspect that people will be curious and try the
advertised site just like the thousands of people
who called 867-5309 and asked for Jenny in the 80s," added Steve Yoder, Copy Writer at Meyer &

At "www.bye-bye-aol.com" consumers will be greeted with
a waving animated hand and
information on why they should switch from America Online to US Xchange Internet services. The
interactive page begins with the copy: "So long slow, overcrowded online services. Farewell
overpriced monthly access rates." And goes on to offer the starting rate of just $8.95 a month for fast,
reliable access and better customer service than any of the existing providers. Visitors to the site than
are provided an 800 telephone number, as well as a hot link to the US Xchange home page for
sign-up information.

"Bye-bye-aol.com" (Billboard and Site) Creative Director - Tom Dixon
Copy Writer - Steve Yoder
Art Director - Jim Brooks
Production Artist - Cathy Pritzl

Formed in 1996 by former telecommunications executives,
US Xchange is a regional, full service
telecommunications provider, mainly targeted to businesses, that offers more personal service than the
existing competition. In addition to unparalleled service, US Xchange offers consumers a complete
portfolio of telephone and Internet services, easy-to-understand invoicing, and guaranteed satisfaction. Currently, US Xchange services are available in targeted cities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and

Meyer & Wallis is a full service communications firm
headquartered in downtown Milwaukee with
a second office in Indianapolis. In addition to US Xchange major clients include: Meijer stores,
Sheaffer Pen, Voortman Cookies, The Milwaukee Bucks, Shorewest Realtors, Pick 'n Save and
Cardinal Stritch University.

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