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[wg-b] Definition of Consensus & First Vote

In light of the agreement reached by the DOC, ICANN & NSI yesterday, as
co-chair I propose adopting the 2/3 definition of  consensus as defined in
Section B of the Registrar agreement (see

The 2/3 formulation for purposes of this working group will be based on the
number of participants voting.  Assuming that there are 40 members on the
list and only 30 exercise the right to vote, then 20 would be a consensus.
Now if someone does not agree with the options provided for in a vote,
he/she may abstain. In such a case that person would count as partaking in
the voting process. Therefore, there is a clear distinction between
abstaining and just not voting.

The first question (Question 0) that I believe this group must address is
should there be 'ANY" safeguards established to protect famous trademark
owners and consumers in connection with the registration of domains. The
scope of any safeguards, if any, will be determined in subsequent

For purposes of this dispositive vote, a 2/3 consensus is required for
either action or in-action. What this means is that if 51% say safeguards
(are / are not needed) then the work of this group is not done because only
a 2/3 consensus can finalize the work of this group.

I am currently working out some bugs in the votebot system. Although it will
be ready shortly, I would like to take a straw vote (i.e. non-binding
because the authentication features of the Votebot are not in place) within
the group to see where we stand with regard to Question 0. In order to keep
traffic on the list to a minimum I request that each ballot be sent to me
directly. Because this is only a straw vote (non-binding) there will be
minimum concerns about me altering the results. I believe I have
demonstrated to the group to date to be even handed and trustworthy. If you
feel compelled to announce your vote through the list, I will not stop you -
but I believe that it is not productive since I will be posting the results
with each person and how they voted anyway. This straw vote will also serve
the purpose of identifying those individuals in the list that take their
participation seriously.

When casting your vote, please put the following text in the subject field:
In the body of the e-mail please select one of the following three options:

Option A: Some types of safeguards (to be determined) need to be implemented
to protect famous trademark owners and the consuming public;

Option B: No safeguards are necessary

Option C: I elect to abstain


Thanks again for everyone's participation to date. As we now turn toward the
consensus building process it is important to keep our work civilized.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage
Co-Chair Working Group B