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Re: The Fame Claim List -was [wg-b] notification as compromise?

If more people than you and me agree to the concept, we can draft proposed
language.  Also, the intention of the working group could be expressed that
the purpose of the letter is to provide information about the existence of
prior rights and that it is not a legla claim.

At 02:33 PM 9/8/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> Yes, but there is a difference between a layperson's reaction to a letter
>> from a lawyer alleging that the recipient of the letter has committed a
>> tort which will subject him or her to punitive damages, costs, etc., and an
>> email from ICANN or the DN registrar stating that it is specifically NOT a
>> legal claim but instead a letter generated automatically because the string
>> WENDY is contained in the name, and providing links to information about
>> DNS procedure.
>i will judge the difference when i see the letter.  i suspect it will be
>more threatening than the version i suggested the other day.  until i see
>one which is specifically not chilling, i will be loathe to agree that they
>should be sent out.

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