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Re: The Fame Claim List -was [wg-b] notification as compromise?

You are confusing generic and descriptive terms (ordinary dictionary words) 
and coined and fanciful terms (coca cola).  the questions get much more 
difficult if you deal with my examples, not yours.  

The harm in all of this is your presumption that oridinary words -- like 
apple and wendys -- are owned in gross (with all rights) by the trademark 
owner.  They are not.  That's what the Avery decision (two weeks ago) said 
and the Hasbro/Clue Computing decision said (this week).   the harm is that 
your proposed notification system will lead to real people being scared away 
from real domain names, real websites, and real speech. 

Again, I think the market can handle this one the est. 

kathy kleiman


>  More relevant would be the registration of Apple Association as a not-for
>  profit association, not the mere use of Apple Association.  I would be
>  interested in what would happen if you called up your local Secretary of
>  State and attempted to register The Coca Cola Foundation as not forp rofit
>  association.