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Re: The Fame Claim List -was [wg-b] notification as compromise?

At 01:56 PM 9/8/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> As for people being scared away from Wendy's Zine because they get an
>> automatic message alerting them to the existence of Wendy's Hamburgers,
>> well, that's your speculation.
>i believe there is quite a history of the "chilling effect."

Yes, but there is a difference between a layperson's reaction to a letter
from a lawyer alleging that the recipient of the letter has committed a
tort which will subject him or her to punitive damages, costs, etc., and an
email from ICANN or the DN registrar stating that it is specifically NOT a
legal claim but instead a letter generated automatically because the string
WENDY is contained in the name, and providing links to information about
DNS procedure.

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