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IPv6 misinformation (Re: [wg-b] Preliminary Questions)

At 07:08 07.09.99 -0700, d3nnis wrote:

>The only future mitigating factor I see is that IP v6 is supposed to 
>permit the same name to be used by different registrants in different 
>registries.  Unfortunately, I've heard programmers claim that the method 
>of resolving ambiguous calls to the same name has not yet been worked out.

Pardon, but this is utter, total and complete nonsense.

No IETF work item that has anything to do with "ambiguous" names has any 
relationship whatsoever with IPv6; the only "ambiguity" permitted in DNS 
for IPv6 is the same one as in DNS IPv4: foo.com is different from foo.net.

You've been misinformed.

                   Harald Alvestrand
   responsible AD for the IETF working group on v6 transition, 1998-1999

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway