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Re: Notification (RE: [wg-b] Preliminary Questions)

At 07:20 07.09.99 -0700, d3nnis wrote:

> > If we come to the conclusion that the databases and notification functions
> > do not have to be part of the registrar/registrant function, but can be
> > left to private enterprise, the question of who gets to set up
> > notifications is a question that the market can work out for itself; those
> > who are willing to pay for the service will have the service.
> >
> >                                Harald
>I think you're right ...but would that be bad?

I don't think so, except.....

>I haven't really pondered the details on this, but you do raise an 
>interesting question:  limit it to trademarks only, or embrace a 
>definition that is somewhat less sweeping than "any domain name."

every third message, we come up with some new version of "we'd like the 
function to behave like this", like the above. And unless it's part of the 
registry/registrar/ICANN function, we have no influence on how it's set up.

My gut feeling is that we're better off not requiring 
ICANN/registry/registrar involvement in the notification function. But it's 
a tradeoff.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway