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[wg-b] Introduction to WG B

Dear Working Group-B

I. Greetings

Hello. YJ from Asia Pacific region, Korea.
I hope I can be of help for WG-B to move forward and get things done
within the time limit it had been set before.

II.How I have been involved in.

When I first encountered the computer in 1986 when I was a freshwoman:-),
I sneaked away from it.

When I decided to study further on International Relations for my master's
degree in 1993, I have experienced the Internet with "EMAILS"
at the graduate school.
I was dumbfounded a lot due to its large coverage over the region.

When I was offered to work in the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Names Forum,
APTLD, a non-profit, non-commercial organization to coordinate DNS issues
in Asia Pacific region, this year, I took it with a great pleasure regarding
this opportunity as my life-time turning point. Since then I committed
myself to the Internet Governance community with all my passions and
energies. Fortunately, for the last five months, I have been moving forward
with APTLD much faster than I had been expected.

Right now I am serving as APTLD NCDNHC coordinator and
running for the NCDNHC Names Council whose result will be announced
after I arrive in Santiago.

I am staying at Principado Hotel from August 21 to 27.
I hope we have an informal meeting as Michael announced before.

My Regards,

YJ Park

PS: I'm leaving here for Santiago two hours later.
       So, I may be off-the-net until I get the access to it over there.