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[wg-b] Some additional questions

As promised, I have returned from Santiago and would like to add a few more 
questions for this group to discuss.   As someone who has been following this 
debate for some time, I would like to work the group on the following issues:

a) What is the status of national and international famous marks legislation 
today -- compared the trademark infringement, is the dilution/famous marks 
concept as widely or well accepted?

b) How was the famous marks/Chapter 4 section accepted by the panel of 
experts, and what concerns if any did they have?

c) What are the concerns or dangers of adopting the WIPO Chapter 4 proposals 
for the domain name activities of noncommercial, small business and 
individual domain name holders?

Thank you,
Kathryn Kleiman
Association for Computing Machinery's Internet Governance Committee
Names Council Representative, DNSO Noncommercial Domain Name Holders