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RE: [wg-b] Election of WG-B Co-Chair

Martin I believe this question has already been beaten to death in Working
Group C's list.  I wish I could give you a definitive answer as to the
duties of a co-chair but I can't. However, if elected as a co-chair I can
tell you what I would do. Ask tough questions and make sure that whatever
recommendations come out of this committee are reflected in a fair and
equitable document based upon the consensus of the group.

By way of example, I was involved in the Dispute Resolution Panel that
convened in DC last week. And although I believe a "workable" dispute policy
is in everyone's best interest I had some concerns about what I saw and I
voiced these concerns directly to the WIPO and INTA people. As I have stated
in my bio posted to the list, I have a rather unique perspective as both an
intellectual property attorney and as an officer of one of the companies,
InfoNetworks, that has been selected as a post testbed registrar.  As the
interim secretariat of the DNSO registrar constituency, I have been involved
in trying to focus the voices and concerns of many registrars into a single
coherent voice that can be heard by both ICANN and the DOC.

My greatest fear is that we as a group do nothing and the WIPO
recommendation contained in ANNEX VI gets adopted by default. This concerns
me because Annex VI needs works.

Hopefully this information will provide both you and Randy with the
information that you need to make an informed decision whenever the decision
making/voting process occurs.

By the way. Because you are a member of the Working Group B mailing list
just send an e-mail to majordomo@dnso.org no subject field or signature
files and in the message field just type who wg-b.  This will provide you
with a list of names and e-mail addresses for everyone on this list.

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Where is the latest list of wg-b members?
What are the duties of a working group chair?

>>> Randy Bush <randy@psg.com> 08/04/99 10:09AM >>>
i specifically reject the vote process until
  o we have multiple and diverse candidates
  o we have brief relevant bios from them