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[wg-b] Bio

My name is Michael D. Palage and I am posting a brief bio per Victoria's
instructions last week.

I am CIO for InfoNetworks, one of the post testbed registrars that ICANN has
accredited.  Currently, I serve as the Interim Secretariat for the registrar
constituency. Prior to my employment with InfoNetworks, I worked at the
intellectual property law firm of Seidel, Gonda, Lavorgna and Monaco both
during and after law school.  Arthur Seidel, the senior partner, has been
and continues to be a leading authority on trademark matters.

I take a very active role in all online intellectual property interests.  In
January I testified before the Copyright Office in Washington with regard to
the Digital Millennium Act and its impact on distant learning education. I
have and continue to work with various law firms in a variety of legal
matters as a technical consultant. I have co-authored a taught a graduated
course entitled "Critical Issues in Cyberspace" and regularly lecture on
Internet and IP related issues.

I believe that I offer this working group a rather unique perspective:  (1)
as an intellectual property attorney who understands the importance of
safeguarding your clients intellectual property; (2) as a registrar that
understands the "business" of domain name registration; and (3) as an
inventor that has patented software applications designed to monitor
intellectual property on the Internet.

I have no "agenda" accept for the adoption of rules that work for the entire
Internet community, both intellectual property owners and individuals alike.

I have offered to assist Jonathan Cohen as a co-chair of this workings
group.  I am scheduled to attend the ICANN meeting in Santiago Chili next
month and I believe that I will be able to represent the group's interest.
If there are any questions that anyone may have please do not hesitate to
contact via e-mail or phone +1 (561) 630-8060.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage