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To all WG-B members:

1) WG-B Charter:

Further to my messages of July 8 and 13th in which I asked for input from
WG-B members regarding various substantive and procedural issues by July
16, (ie:  questions for study by the wg that should be included in WG-B's
Charter, permission to post submitted bios, suggestions for outreach etc.),
I note that only one reply has been posted on the wg-b archive from Dennis
Schaefer.  Additional input from others would have been helpful in
formulating a proposal, or Charter for this WG.  This is procedurally
necessary in order to define the parameters and the context for the work to
be done and to enable us to begin the work itself in an organized fashion.
While continuing to wait for further responses from anyone, I will begin
preparing a draft Charter for circulation and comment.

Professor Michael Froomkin has also made two comprehensive submissions to
the General Assembly list in the matter of Famous Marks, and they can be
found in the GA list archive at
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Archives/msg00119.html and
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Archives/msg00120.html.  I would
encourage you all to review the submissions of both Dennis and Michael, and
join the dialog on these issues, in addition to posting any thoughts you
may have about questions to be studied by WG-B.

2)   WG-B Mailing List and Membership

With respect to the mailing list and membership, Michael Palage, who has
kindly undertaken to manage the list, has added everyone who originally
volunteered.   New participants will be added on an ongoing basis.

3)	Biographical Info

In my last message, I also asked that anyone who had not yet submitted a
bio to please do so, and everyone who had already submitted their bios to
us, to please indicate whether they would allow them to be posted on the
dnso.org site.  So far, only a few people have replied with either their
permission, or their bio.  I encourage all of you who have not yet replied
to please do so ASAP.  To keep the process as open as possible, and to
ensure that it is perceived as such, the general consensus is that the
identities of WG members should be known, and it is for this reason that
bios have been requested.  They can either be posted by everyone
individually to the wg-b mailing list archive, but it would seem to be more
practical to post them all together at
http://www.dnso.org/wgroups/wg-b-members.html.  (At least three people who
have replied have indicated a preference for posting together at the
foregoing page).  I look forward to your suggestions - and replies!

4)	Nominations for WG-B Co-Chair

While I will continue to serve as co-chair of this WG, it is important for
the other members of WG-B to select the other non-pNC co-chair from among
the gorup.  Again, in response to my message of July 13 in which I
discussed this issue, I have received one expression of interest, from
Michael Palage, to volunteer to co-chair.  I encourage others to either
volunteer, nominate someone else, or express their support for Michael.
This is another issue which should be given top priority, and I look
forward to receiving your input.

I would remind everyone that the deadline for submission of WG-B's report
is the earliest practicable date are the ICANN Board Meeting in Santiago,
Chile (August 23-26, 1999), and that the time frame we have should include
the preparation of a preliminary report and at least one public comment
period in relation thereto.  I would therefore ask all wg-b members to
consider the above points and provide the input necessary to move the work
of wg-b forward in a timely manner.

Jonathan Cohen