Dates for Names Council meetings 2002

Determined by the Names Council Chair

Published: 3 October 2001

Dates for Names Council meetings 2002

Dates and times are for planning purposes only and subject to change. The date and time for each meeting will be confirmed with the agenda.

Dates and places for ICANN physical meetings are determined by ICANN and are provided as soon as available.

Times are Paris, France (Central European Time). Paris is UTC+1 during the Northern Hemisphere Winter and UTC+1+1 in the Summer. UTC stands for Universal Coordinated Time, the reference time for all countries. We provide time in 24 hours mode to avoid any confusion.

For other places see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

NumberDate Place Time in Paris Agenda MinutesMpeg3
01Jan 17 Telephone 15:00 20020117.NCteleconf-agenda.html 20020117.NCteleconf-minutes.html 20020117.NCteleconf.mp3 size=19185186
02Feb 14 Telephone 15:00 20020214.NCteleconf-agenda.html 20020214.NCteleconf-minutes.html 20020214.NCteleconf.mp3 size=17503214
03Feb 28 Telephone 15:00 20020228.NCteleconf-agenda.html 20020228.NCteleconf-minutes.html 20020228.NCteleconf.mp3 size=47092633
04Mar 12ICANN Accra, Ghana 16:00 (Accra time 15:00) 20020312.NCaccra-agenda.html 20020312.NCaccra-minutes.html 20020312.NCteleconf.mp3 size=19593010
05Mar 22 Telephone 15:00 20020322.NCteleconf-agenda.html 20020322.NCteleconf-minutes.html missing
 Northern Hemisphere summer time begins     
06Apr 04 Telephone 15:00 20020404.NCteleconf-agenda.html 20020404.NCteleconf-minutes.html 20020404.NCteleconf.mp3 size=19622789
07Apr 18 Telephone 15:00 20020418.NCteleconf-agenda.html 20020418.NCteleconf-minutes.html 20020418.NCteleconf.mp3 size=21774025
08Apr 24 Telephone 15:00 20020424.NCteleconf-agenda.html 20020424.NCteleconf-minutes.html missing
09May 02 Telephone 15:00 20020502.NCteleconf-agenda.html   20020502.NCteleconf.mp3 size=17083348
10May 14 Telephone 15:00      
11May 29 Telephone 15:00      
12Jun 06 Telephone 15:00      
13Jun 24-28ICANN Bucharest, Romania 14:00      
14Jul 11 Telephone 15:00      
15Aug 08 Telephone 15:00      
16Sep 12 Telephone 15:00      
17Oct 03 Telephone 15:00      
 Northern Hemisphere summer time ends         
18Oct 22-26ICANN Shanghai, China 08:00 (Shanghai time 14:00, TBC)      
19Nov 14 Telephone 15:00      

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