DNSO Names Council Teleconference 17th January 2002 - minutes

21 January 2002.

Proposed agenda and related documents:http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20020117.NCteleconf-agenda.html

List of attendees:

Peter de Blanc                 ccTLD
Elisabeth Porteneuve           ccTLD
Oscar Robles Garay             ccTLD      [absent]
Philip Sheppard                Business
Marilyn Cade                   Business 
Grant Forsyth                  Business
Greg Ruth                      ISPCP       
Antonio Harris                 ISPCP
Tony Holmes                    ISPCP      
Philipp Grabensee              Registrars
Ken Stubbs                     Registrars  
Bruce Tonkin                   Registrars  
Roger Cochetti                 gTLD
Richard Tindal                 gTLD       
Cary Karp                      gTLD
Caroline Chicoine              IP
Laurence Djolakian             IP                   
Guillermo Carey                IP          
Milton Mueller                 NCDNH
Youn Jung Park                 NCDNH       proxy for Vany Martinez
Vany Martinez                  NCDNH       (absent, apologies, proxy to YJ Park )
Louis Touton                   ICANN staff
Glen de Saint Géry             NC Secretary
Philippe Renaut                MP3 Recording Engineer/Secretariat

MP3 Recording of the meeting by the Secretariat: http://www.dnso.org/dnso/mp3/20020117.NCteleconf.mp3

Quorum present at 15:05 (all times reported are CET, which is UTC +1:00 during the winter in the Northern hemisphere)

Ph. Sheppard chaired this NC teleconference.

Philip Sheppard welcomed the two new Names Council members to the call, Bruce Tonkin and Philipp Grabensee from the Registrars Constituency.

Agenda item 1: Approval of the Agenda

Philip Sheppard added an item to the agenda - The NC Chair
Dot Org recommendation approval was moved to the second item on the agenda.

Approval of summary of the last teleconference, 13 December 2001


A slight change was made in the number of votes in Agenda item 2 - Budget proposal
Decision 3 now reads 14 votes in favour, 3 votes against, and 2 abstentions (not 3 as previously mentioned)

Ken Stubbs moved a motion to adopt agenda and the summary, seconded by Peter de Blanc

DECISION D1: The agenda and minutes of December 13th meeting were approved unanimously.

Agenda item 3: Dot Org recommendation approval.

Milton Mueller summarised in saying that the consistency of the policy devel
oped had been upheld. The aim was to outline policy objectives rather than specify a specific model. Milton Mueller thanked the members of the Task Force for all the work that had been put into the report.

In the discussion and questions the following points were raised:
- section 1c allows for flexibility concerning registrants having a say in the running of .org.
- since there is no longer a sponsoring entity, once the policy objectives are defined, the appropriate management in keeping with what ICANN wanted, will be worked out in the application process.
- Grant Forsyth added two issues the Business Constituency would like mentioned in the report as a minority view point.
a. supports restricted access as a practical means of defining the constituency of registrants
as a means of differentiation
b. urges the board to increase competition and diversity and encourage new investment in the provision of gTLD registry services, by ensuring the market position of existing dominant providers are not entrenched nor enhanced through participation in, or contracting to deliver critical services to, the new .org management organisation.
- the registrars prefer no restrictions on registrations within .org, but urge for differeniaition from .com by value added services
- the registry constituency is concerned about issuing instructions to the registries.
- Cary Karp, as a member of the Task Force on a procedural issue, remarked that it was the prerogative of the TF to decide what would be attached to the report.
- Louis Touton clarified by saying that minority views may be appended to a main report.

Milton Mueller proposed:

Voting on the .org report as it stands. That there be a two week public consultation period where other constituencies may admit a minority report and that these minority reports would be appended to the main report when it was sent to the Board after this period.

Peter de Blanc seconded the proposal.

DECISION 2: The .Org Report was adopted by 20 votes in favour.  YJ Park carried a proxy for Vany Martinez. Oscar Robles was absent and did not vote.

The Secretariat must set up a public comment list for 2 weeks, at the end of which the report will be sent to the ICANN Board with minority reports attached.

Additional Agenda item: NC Chair
Philip Sheppard handed the chair to Caroline Chicoine during the discussion.

Caroline Chicoine introduced the subject proposing an amendment to the present rules to allow Philip Sheppard to run for another term of office and asked if anyone was interested in the position.
The present rules can be found at:

The following points were raised in discussion:
- the issue concerns the NC internal and self-administered rules

- before voting on the issue, the constituencies should be given a chance to discuss

- two issues should be separate: a. the personal decision of who is the best person; b. the procedural issue of the rule change.

- an option to extend the minimum term to 12 months.

Chicoine will send out an email dealing with the procedural issue to amend the rules.
There will be nomination period of 10 days.
The election will take place on the February 14 teleconference call.

The Chair was handed back to Philip Sheppard.

Agenda Item 2: NC business plan update - approval

Philip Sheppard introduced the Business Plan revision that was sent out to the constituencies for discussion. Slight changes have been made in specific areas and concrete details from the Task Forces have been highlighted, namely the WHOIS and the IDN.

ACTION: Philip Sheppard will draw up a final draft to be adopted at the next meeting.

Agenda item 4: Budget 2002

Roger Cochetti introduced the budget debate.
Subsequent to the report circulated by Roger Cochetti, there was an update by Louis Touton of the latest figures from ICANN which accounts for the discrepancy in the amounts.
There were 2 items for the Council to vote on.
Item 1

-The budget committee had met a couple of times and discussed routine invoices under the $5000 threshold to be paid, addressed contract clarification items and procedures governing the allocation of DNSO constituency dues payments.
- An unusual situation arose from a good faith, unintentional over payment made by the Registrars constituency for the sum of $14 986.14.

Roger Cochetti moved the motion:

That the Names Council approve the payment of $14 986.14 to Brian Evans, or his designee, acting as the Treasurer of the DNSO Registrars constituency, as a refund of the Registrars constituency's unintended payment to ICANN.
Decision 3: The motion was adopted unanimously.

Item 2:

The proposed DNSO budget.
The expenses amounting to $97 961 were drawn up relying on the break down of costs from the Secretariat.

In the past sponsoring often fell on the same companies, and now with the event of the formal Secretariat, arrangements have been made with ICANN to join an existing contract with MCI/WCom and benefit from a reduced price. The proposed budget assumed two cost saving features leading to a reduction  from a former $1500/1600 to about $820 per call:
- dropping US toll free lines - free of charge for the US caller, but extra cost to the NC
- dropping listen only ports that add one third to costs. (This facility is now obsolete following the start of audio recordings which are available within 30 minutes of a call).

Cash reserve
ICANN management requires that the DNSO maintain a cash reserve to cover cash shortfalls and contractual expenses. The Budget Committee accepted the principal of the cash reserve and recommended a reserve of circa $60,000 for 2002.
Louis Touton addressed the concerns about the size of the cash reserve pointing out that
- the surplus is measured at January 1 every year and that contributions do not come in till June
- there must be enough money available at the beginning of the year to pay expenses
- the secretariat contract requires a 3 month termination period.

Roger Cochetti proposed:
That the expense side as described in the Budget Committee report be accepted.
Caroline Chicoine seconded.

Decision 4: The proposal was unanimously adopted.

The second part dealt with the size of the reserves and the implication for the fee call per constituency for 2002. For a $60,000 reserve maintained, the fee is $13995.

Roger Cochetti moves:
that the $98 000 be funded from dues assessments in 2002 and the reported cash reserve be maintained as a cash reserve.

Seconded by Caroline Chicoine.

From the discussion the following points arose:
- more time was needed to discuss with constituencies who finally have to pay up
- deadlines have to be shortened to bring in the money
- $60 000 would carry over till August if no one paid
- ICANN has to take certain risks with money coming in late or not at all
- this is not a policy matter, it is an administrative question
- in Budget committee discussions where constituency representatives took part, the reserve figure was round $30 000 and now the figure is around $60 000

A straw poll was proposed:

Should this item be deferred to give constituencies a further month to assess the impact of that on their ability to pay based on a call of $13 995 ($60000 reserve)versus $11 997 (a lower reserve).
Should the vote on the Budget be delayed?

Yes = delay No = to take a vote on the budget subsequently.
17 "NO" votes were recorded.
Oscar Robles was absent.
The following people did not respond to the vote call: Tony Harris, Greg Ruth, Philipp Grabensee.

Decision 5: To take a vote on the Budget report.

Milton Mueller proposed an amendment, seconded by YJ Park:

That the cash reserve be $40 000 instead of $57 785.63 and that the difference, $16 785.63 be applied to the 2002 expense budget.

Decision 6: The amendment is not carried. 10 votes against, 5 votes in favour, 1 abstention. Oscar Robles absent. The following people did not respond to the vote call: Tony Harris, Greg Ruth, Richard Tindal.

Roger Cochetti moved a vote on the Budget, seconded by Peter de Blanc

That the $98 000 expense budget be financed from constituency dues and that the $57 785.63 reserve be left as a cash reserve.

Decision 7: The proposal was retained: 12 in favour, 3 abstentions, Oscar Robles absent. Tony Harris, Greg Ruth, Tony Holmes, Richard Tindal, Cary Karp did not respond to the vote call.

Roger Cochetti raised a further question as to among how many constituencies the expense amount should be divided.
Peter deBlanc stated that two thirds of his constituency agreed that they were responsible for past dues and indicate a intent to pay but not committment.

No reply has been received from ICANN management as to whether they will cover the costs of the DNSO.

ACTION: Proceed with invoicing 7 constituencies.

As the conference time was over by 40 minutes, Philip Sheppard moved to defer the following items:

Agenda Item 5: Proposal to change election timing of DNSO Board Directors
To be dealt with by email

Agenda Item 6: Task Force updates
Review Task Force is formally closed.
Task Force updates and deadlines by email

Agenda Item 7: Ghana
NC members to inform Secretariat indicating attendance at the Ghana meetings

Agenda Item 8: GA Elections
The Names Council voted unanimously in favour of the GA Assembly Chair and Alternate Chair election results thereby endorsing both Thomas Roessler and Alexander Svensson as GA Chair and Alternate Chair.
Philip Sheppard congratulated both Thomas and Alexander on their new positions.

Agenda Item: OAB
Elisabeth Porteneuve stated that it was necessary to have a deadline from ICANN Board to act on the proposal to change the bylaws.


Ph. Sheppard closed the meeting.

17.45 end of call.

Next NC teleconference will take place on 14th February 2002 at 15:00 CET


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