Names Council International Domain Name (IDN) Task force Teleconference on 3 December 2001 - minutes

03 December 2001

Version updated 04 Dec with correctons provided by Marc Blanchet. Richard Lindsay is representing gTLD (not Registrar).

Version updated 05 Dec with correctons provided by Chuck Gomes.

Proposed agenda and related documents:

  1. Selected IDN topics, Tan Tin Wee, MINC
  2. Report from IETF IDN Working Group, Marc Blanchet
  3. IDN Testbed Overview, Pat Kane, VeriSign
  4. How the introduction of IDN will impact the Internet and the Internet users: discussion with experts
  5. Summary of the meeting and conclusions to report to the Names Council on 13 December. Next steps.

List of attendees:
Elisabeth Porteneuve IDN task force chair
Marc Blanchet (IETF Canada)
Michael Eisenberg (works with Roger Cochetti in corporate policy office)
Chuck Gomes (Verisign)
Scott Hollenbeck (Verisign chief engineer for the Registry)
Pat Kane (Verisign program manager for the implementaion of the IDN)
Richard Tindall (NC)
Richard Lindsay gTLD Registry
Richard Delmas
Greg Ruth (NC)
Masanobu Katoh (ICANN Board)
Danny Younger (GA chair)
Marilyn Cade (NC and rep. Bus. Constit.)
Youn Jung Park (NC)
Dr. Tan Tin Wee (Vice Chairman MINC)

DNSO Secretariat: Philippe Renaut -  MP3 recording, Glen de St. Géry - meeting minutes

Minutes of the meeting.

Elisabeth Porteneuve chaired the meeting.

Waiting for everyone to come on board, the terms used for domain names: Multilingual and International were discussed.

Pat Kane said:

They are synonyms and imply many different tecnologies used to internationalise domain names.
The terminolgy favoured and encouraged by the IETF and ICANN is "International"

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