Selected International Domain Names topics
Dr Tan Tin Wee, Vice-Chairman MINC

28 November 2001.

  1. Administration and Management of IDN TLDs:
    • Language or script, one size doesn't fit all. Will the Legacy TLD-unified roots survive or will there be OpenNIC-type inclusive root models?
      • one language one script one country = Hebrew/Israel Ancient Icelandic/Iceland
      • one language many scripts one country = Japan
      • one script many languages some countries = Han characters-Chinese=Japanese=Korean
        Latin characters - latin based languages
      • one script many languages many countries = Arabic script-Arabic/Farsi/Urdu
      • one script many fonts one language no country = Tamil with no specific country where Tamilians are majority (Fiji?)
      • one script one language no country = Klingon, Tolkein languages etc
  2. IDNA interoperability testing of localisation/folding/IDNA/Nameprep/ACE and whatever emergent IETF standards.
  3. Application/Vendor-independent Internet keywords or overlapping colliding keyword namespaces? Future scenarios of above-DNS layers of Internet names and identifiers.

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