Vote on motion for the DNSO/GA Reorganisation

22 October 2001
30 October 2001

Vote on motion for the DNSO/GA Reorganisation


Whereas the Domain Name Supporting Organisation Formation Concepts (adopted by the ICANN Board March 4, 1999), state that "The ICANN Board should periodically review the status of the constituency groups to deteremine whether all DNSO interests are adequately represented".

Whereas members of the General Assembly have repeatedly expressed their concern that the DNSO as currently constituted is not sufficiently representative

Whereas problems outlined by the DNSO Review have not been remedied internally, and efforts undertaken by the Names Council have failed to sufficiently address these concerns

It is therefore

RESOLVED that the ICANN Board be advised that:

1. Members of the General Assembly believe that the DNSO dysfunctionality requires direct ICANN Board intervention.

2. The General Assembly seeks to establish a representative balance by being placed on equal footing with the current DNSO Names Council and creating a bicameral DNSO.

3. The General Assembly seeks initial budgetary/Secretariat support for the DNSO/GA to perform its functions.

4. The General Assembly will work with ICANN to develop an appropiate funding model to support its activities.

5. The General Assembly seeks representation on the ICANN Board (to be filled by a representative voting the recorded consensus of the DNSO/GA)

6. The General Assemnly seeks to have both an Advocate and a Consensus Leader, both elected positions of the DNSO/GA with budgetary control and responsibility for all DNSO/GA staff.

7. The General Assembly re-affirms the GA's commitment to the DNSO as originally envisaged as a place for cross-constituency dialogue and consensus building, and requests the Board to fulfil its obligation to facilitate the entry of thus far unrepresentated constituencies.

Basic outline of the voting on the motion for the DNSO/GA Reorganisation

Electorate and Voting Registry

Voting Rules used by the DNSO General Assembly

Time for the vote

Recults calculated and published on 30 October 2001, 17:00 UTC (18:00 Paris).

Vote results

Number of ballots sent: 447
Number of ballots received: 128 (28.6%)

The motions is adopted.

The full record is in http://www.dnso.org/secretariat/b09fullrecord.html


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